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Friday, July 29, 2016


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                                                  THE "EVERYDAYNESS" 

Shiv Viswanathan is one of my favorite column writers in The Hindu. Each and every day I read the editorial page with a self-imposed compulsion. When Shiv comes, the day is made. Today, the editorial editorial page carried a brilliant article by the columnist. He says that “everydayness” is revolutionary. Normally, we believe that war time as revolutionay time. In the case of Irom Sharmila her sixteen years fasting hasn’t given any solution. Stepping her foot on the “everydayness” is a great threat. Now she has decided end the fast. She now goes to the normal life of “everydayness”. This “everydayness” is a powerful tool to bring something new. He concludes that a great book like Tolstoy’s War and Peace does not end life with war. It ends with the “everydayness” of the hero - Pierre. Everyday life after the protest and war is not mundane, rather it is revolutionary.
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