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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Piercing through the Wind

Nostalgic feelings of the nursery rhyme gush to one’s memory whilst the eye gazes at the night sky.  The floating pristine disc invites a dark man from Tamil Nadu, to sing the ever tiding "Nila Nila Odi Va". Rational faculties constantly fall short in studying this moment. Tales and songs usher one to cherish this unforgettable experience. Yet, trained culture merely reasons out ignoring nature. Culture of the learned demands only scientific observation of the starry night. 

When I lay on my back on the terrace of Gokul Mansion in Triplicane, a group of cranes were returning towards their home. At ten o'clock in the dark night their appearance was very clear. The glowing lights from Chepauk cricket stadium made it possible.  The brilliance has reached far into the dark sky. One could see those travelling cranes in that splashing light. Within few seconds they disappeared. I was thinking about their stamina in flapping those large wings in their tiny bodies. It is only the Eagles which can maintain the travel of such distance. Lonely birds cannot sustain their energy from that unreachable distance in their independent travel. Hence, they have to maintain cooperation among themselves.
Thirty cranes put together forms a unit. It is the strength of the unit that tears through the air. For them the travel distance is approximately two hundred kilometers. A single bird cannot invest its energy in flapping the wind for such a distance. So it is the group which manages the energy in measured ratio. Their unit’s structure is like an arrow ready to pierce through the wind. While watching their move they were not in their same position always. They beautifully shift their position from one place to another. Surely it does not come from an agreement by saying "when I become tired you take my place for a while and I will replace you after my break." Such cooperation does not come from terms of an agreement. It is their instinct which enables them to be in that order.
I do not know how long they are going to travel. But they will make it possible in such wonderful coordination. Certainly they will reach their destination. It is because of the energy that comes from the unit. One more benefit in this coordination is not only the destination being reached but they also cannot be harmed by the Hunter's bullet. The bullet will lose its velocity before it reaches its aim.

Finally I visualized two forces fighting against one opposite force, the wind. First, the man-made force, bullets, piercing the wind horizontally. It has its own sustenance of energy propelled from the gun. Surely it will lose its force. Another positive energy is the energy from life. Horizontally this energy also fights against its opposite energy (wind) but they are not opposing each other. Rather, they respect each other. 
Piercing through the Wind Reviewed by Arul Scott on 11:15 AM Rating: 5 Nostalgic feelings of the nursery rhyme gush to one’s memory whilst the eye gazes at the night sky.  The floating pristine disc invite...

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  1. Starting and the conclusion is awesome Sir.. Apt title Sir..