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Friday, June 2, 2017

Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad

Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad
I was reaching Velachary station. The speaker in the train announces that the station is the last one and requests the passengers to get down from the train. Such monotonous tone always irritates the passengers from station to station. Our professor often curses that female voice with an unparliamentarily word "*****". Now the question is what is special in it to speak about this incident in this essay? What is special in that announcement to register it in words? Yes, there is something special about my reaching Velachary and that ***** *****’s voice. The latter one is very less in significance. But the first one carries historical significance.
When the destination is reached, naturally people vacate the compartment. But the non-urban travelers are always panic until they reach their destination. In one compartment, there may be only one passenger who is from the rural side and from other states. Each and every station seems to be their destination. Someone has to alert them that they have reached their destination. Otherwise they will count stations one by one. The entire course of travel will become a torturous experience to them. In fact the train journey is meant for a blissful gazing of the passing sceneries through the window. Most of these new commuters will miss the fleeting scenes by plunging deep into their painful thought.
This first impression about the train journey may be an insignificant one. But from the passengers’ point of view, it is a matter of great importance. The latter impression is very insignificant for those who travel by train. But for me, it was an epic moment. This is the story: when I reached the station there was a dog which walks on a single track in a balanced manner. Again, how could it be a matter of great importance? Can it be a subject matter for an essay? For me, as an observer of the incident, the dog’s walk on the track is significant which fed my philosophical thoughts. The lady's voice in the train may be an irritating moment for our professor. But this dog on the track opened my eyes to see something else.
First I wondered about the balanced walk of the dog on that thin line. We human beings take pride in walking on two legs. Four legged walk is surely an inferior act to us. But that four legged animal defied the two legged superiority. The dog without falling to the left side or to the right side walked on the track in such perfect balance. Often I tried my best to sustain my walk on the track for three meters. Within four steps my legs slip from the track. It needs training.

But the dog doesn't need training. For that animal to walk on the thin line is natural. It can walk even one kilometer. I envied such a measured walk. In the Orwellian fictional world, four legged creatures once envied the two legged walk and stood on two legs. Many more followed them to be on their feet. Birds also came for competition. Could they fill the shoes of the humans? There was no need. Finally they retrieved to their originality by saying Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad. Whether it is an allegory or real it doesn't matter to us. But our dog also proved the fact that four footed walk is the perfect walk of the creature. 
Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad Reviewed by Arul Scott on 9:43 PM Rating: 5 Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad I was reaching Velachary station. The speaker in the train announces that the station is the last one an...


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  2. Excellent story..
    Best part is how you feel the nature is awesome..